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Goretti presents the new classroom and the common room

This year’s innovations, which we have already introduced here, also include the new modeling department and the reception room; our expansion does not end here, though, meet two brand new spaces on the company premises: the classroom and the common room. The classroom is designed for in-house training of the staff, already tested with the course on galvanic processes and installations, as well as to welcome external consultants hosted by the company for projects related to our region, for example the Artisan Manifesto workshop in May this year. The room has a projector, blackboard, workstation with PC for [...]

November 29th, 2019|News|

Goretti introduces two new spaces

Goretti has extended its company premises, thanks to a modern organisation layout and to the new shed, completed this year. the first space we would like to introduce is a stylish 200 square metre open space, on the first floor. It includes two connecting offices: the pattern making department and one smaller room used mainly to welcome customers and suppliers and for in-house briefing, with tables, chairs and projector. The pattern-making department is in charge of preparing drawings based on customers’ requests. The staff in this office has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, which is why they are able [...]

November 15th, 2019|News|

Goretti becomes an innovative PMI!

Since 7 October 2019 our company has been classified as “innovative” to all intents and purposes. The status of innovative small and medium-sized company was introduced in 2015 by Law no.33 of 24 March 2015, converting Decree no.3, also known as Investment Compact. Innovative SMEs are enterprises operating in the field of technological innovation, regardless of the business sector; they are characterised by investing strongly in technology, research and development, as well as by their highly qualified staff. No constraints are placed in terms of sector, because technological innovation covers all industrial areas. [...]

November 8th, 2019|News|

“Gatsby’s garden” inspires the new style of products from Lineapelle

Gatsby's garden New York, 1922: the age of Jazz and of a crazy and roaring lifestyle. The city is changing rapidly: its rhythm is frantic, the parties more lavish, its morality more liberal, and the restlessness of the new America is vented in Gatsby’s spacious garden. The search for dandy atmospheres accompanies the moods which inspire the topics for the new season. It is true that “you cannot repeat the past”; however we can turn back to look ahead, taking on the artisan legacy to enhance its power, make it long-lasting and restyle [...]

October 18th, 2019|News|

Goretti helps the environment and becomes “Plastic Free”

Every year more than eight billion disposable bottles are sold in our country. We know that it takes 400 years for plastic to decompose; this means that – unless they are disposed of properly – they can be highly detrimental to the environment, as shown by waste in the sea. For this reason Goretti has decided to follow the “Plastic-Free” concept by getting rid of plastic water bottles in the company.  It is a small step towards a sustainable world. We will make available for all employees, eco-friendly personalised aluminium flasks,which can be refilled from the treated [...]

September 3rd, 2019|News|