The “second summer of love” inspires the new style of products from Lineapelle

Summer 1989: this is the golden age of parties and electronic music; there is a renewed sense of freedom and universal love in the air; bright colors and strong emotions prevail. It is the “Second Summer of Love” which inspires new processing methods for the spring/summer 2020 season.

Mood 1 – Freedom

A wish for freedom and defying the rules, to follow the sole imperative of hedonistic entertainment. The first mood is inspired by “Freedom”, a concept expressed in a new hippie style, with a gentler feminine approach based on pastel colors including mint, face powder, powder blue and nude.

The materials are thus mixed in unusual combinations. Surface contrasts are thus created combining technicaltextures made of PVC and nylon mesh or natural fabrics such as  washed canvas, rope and cork.

The hi-tech effect of laser water processing which, by engraving geometrical patterns which simulate natural elements on plastic fabrics, emphasizes the idea of experimentation. The interplay between clip applications, ABS studs and colored rosepins, with the hidden intent of bringing to mind  the decors of the hippie world and renewing it in its hues. The soft nuances remind us of the world of sea fauna and of transparent surfaces, with iridescent and mother-of-pearl effects.

Mood 2 – Color

Bright and full-bodied colors which put you in the mood for partying: “Colors” is the inspiration for our second mood, strongly reminiscent of laser lights at rave parties. The yellow smiley, a symbol and free pass for every event in those years, blue, red and all declinations of shocking pink, make up this color palette.

There are also metalized hints and colored sponge fabrics. Embossed processing has been chosen in order to reproduce, with a modern outlook, some iconic prints from the 1990s. Sewn patches, paddings and matelassé patterns are embellished by studs and strass, using innovative processing with our “Bridge with vision system” machine, a new entry in the Goretti world. Last but not least, colored and glittered foils recreate geometric and striped patterns; strass is used all over to reproduce nuances and dégradé tie-dye effects, also extremely colorful.

Mood 3 – Technology

The third mood ,“Technology”, derives from the distinctive techno music, played at high volume from the black amplifiers which surrounded the “rave parties” of the Club culture.

Futuristic materials, for example PVC with fluo colors, nylon, neoprene, reflecting fabrics and color-changing surfaces are used for technical shoulder bags and accessories. The celebration of future and tech innovation inspires experimental and tongue-in-cheek combinations which soften the cold hi-tech surfaces, thanks to processing which includes padding, matelassé seams and strass application.